An ode to all who are the essence of Brave Strong Courage.

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Beautiful warrior.

You have carried the hurt and pain.

For too long it smothered your soul.

The weight of it crushed you.

Our world is vicious to beautiful bearers of light and love.

You shrunk and shielded yourself.

The poison arrows seared and burned.

You bled, collapsed and died in your agony.

Within your ashes a small spark remained.

Your light grew and blazed.

You rose from the destruction.

You emerge as brand new.

An awesome creature.

Fierceness and fury are your power.

Burned away is your innocence…

Who is writing your story?

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Why do we blend, shift and conform within a bad relationship? Of course I think I know some of the reasons why. I have lived, observed, and see relationships and see my own behaviors too. But still should we not take time to dig a bit deeper?

Why do we lock in- into the relationship? Why do we suit up, strap in and go for broke? Why do we hold on so fiercely and fight so hard? Why do we do this when it’s a one way effort?

Why do we care so much? What…

They deserve to know the truth.

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My kids are now young adults. I didn’t blast them with a quick, harsh statement that he doesn’t love them. They know at various levels what they observed and felt. But we came to a defining point during a conversation. My daughter and I have deep discussions, the kind in which we unearth and discover new understanding about our experiences. Their male parental unit continually contacts them with “I love you.” and “I miss you.” and does gestures to draw them back in. …

Is it you? I’ve felt a shift?

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Something is different and I don’t understand what it is. Recently I have had more attention toward some of my articles.

It’s a strange thing, writing from your heart, publishing, feeling apprehension and then waiting and waiting to see what happens. Some of my articles sat in stillness for months and may have had one or two reads. I admit I can at times be too obsessive about checking stats. Even if one person reads my article, it still amazes me.

I believed that my older articles would forever be relatively unseen and…

users, takers, giving and the urgency of caring for ourselves

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My ex is fully moving into his girlfriend’s house. Could he have married already? Possibly. That is a tough call for him. He needs marriage for entrapment. But he also does not want her to have control of or be able to touch his money. His attitude is “mine, mine, mine”. It is the cliché: What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.

He is letting go of his hovel. He tried to get my son to take it. He said, “I might need somewhere to go when she…

Reality didn’t match his words.

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I was standing at the kitchen sink. Rosa was sitting in the kitchen behind me. She was a lifelong friend, fully part of my family and was like a sister to me.

My then husband came home from work. He walked into the kitchen, came up behind me, put his arms around me and said, “Hello Gorgeous”.

Fast forward to three years ago. I was “home-less” and living in a hotel when I escaped from him.

I fought very hard to find housing for my kids and I. I had saved enough money. That wasn’t…

What is your philosophy?

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I clicked on an advice article about writing on this platform. The one thing within this article that wrinkled my brow was the author’s lack of tolerance for the practice of saying thank you for reading and replying.

I am still feeling twisted about this and my hands are seizing up as I write what I usually write which is what she says she dislikes so much- thank you. It is tripping me. So as I often do, I write to I unearth my thoughts.

First it seems necessary to explain what I understood the author…

Even the idea is repulsive to me.

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The idea of dating is repulsive to me. No, not dating someone that is lovely, warm and genuinely attractive in many ways. I mean jumping into the dating pool. I feel nauseous thinking about it. Pools are disgusting. I took a scuba diving class at a YMCA. I can never purge from my memories what I saw so clearly through a scuba mask as I explored all of the depths and areas of that pool. I will spare sharing with you the foulness and things that I saw in there. I have not…

after a gut wrenching marriage conference

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Years ago, my then husband and I attended a marriage conference. It was Christian, religious based. It is only at this moment that I am digging deeper into the real and underlying motives for even going to this conference. The reason lies in knowing my life and entire relationship with this guy was an illusion created in a twisted mind. His own persona with me was an image he created.

It wasn’t me that wanted to go. I was in all ways spent, exhausted and down for the count. It was the typical cyclical…

Expectation, societal pressure, shame

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I can identify the feelings of shame. The voices of a lifetime still chase me. And I presently have intrusive and critical opinion given without my consent or request. How does one stop another from spouting their opinion. In the moment, I don’t. But I don’t know that you can avoid the kind of people that insist on telling you what they think.

In the present, people are trying to crawl up in my business as to job and work. Throughout my life the messages and pressure have been negative and destructive.

Job status in our…

Josie Quinn

I am finding my voice as I am navigating a journey of survival, strength and healing.

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