I Think I Accidentally Went on a Drug Run

Josie Quinn
9 min readSep 6, 2023

I thought I was helping my neighbor

photo by author (random scene-no connection to drugs or crime)

*names changed to protect the innocent

The first time I helped Chris, he said it was urgent. He said his cousin’s child was sick and he needed to run some medicine over to him. I saw his text and replied, ok my daughter and I are on our way to walk at the park.

He said the child had a fever and the guy couldn’t leave the house. He said he always had to help family.

He was very grateful. We had not had much solid conversation before. He had a couple of dogs that we would go over and love on them when they were out. He would always be on his phone. The time in the car provided more time to talk.

Another neighbor, Brenda had told him to keep watch, our way. I had mentioned to her about the woman that was missing that had lived nearby. Based on circumstances we believed she had been murdered by her husband. I was still shaken from my own experience and concerned, because my ex-husband had taken a door key and garage door remote when he left. Chris used this to share his experiences and pledge his support. He energetically insisted that at any time we needed anything, we could call him.

Chris was home alone with his baby. He strapped her in the back seat of our car. It was further from my house than I imagined. We missed getting to walk at the park because it was too dark when we got back.

On the car ride he was very open, vulnerable and expressed such loyalty, support and friendship. It felt nice to feel support. Really any bit of acknowledgement or compassion seemed refreshing. He talked about abuse he had suffered and details surrounding an incident and jail time. He reinforced that he had our back and to just let him know if we ever needed anything.

He seemed sincere. And he seemed like a victim of his circumstances. In the moment we believed him.

At the apartment we drove him to, he went in and we stayed in the car with the baby. He came out after a few minutes. I wouldn’t have questioned if he really had medicine for the child on him. I didn’t doubt his story. He told me not to tell his partner, Brie, because she doesn’t like his cousin and she doesn’t want him to be around the guy.