I Manifested a Man and Got Exactly What I Asked For

Josie Quinn
5 min readDec 14, 2022

but it wasn’t enough

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I have been delving into the metaphysical world. I have been learning about meditation and mindfulness and doing hypnosis and meditation videos. One of them is an attract love hypnosis. In one part, she says, imagine and visualize the qualities of the person that you wish to attract. I reflexively threw out two things that I want in a love interest: attractive and from a different culture and traditions.

I didn’t spend time drawing out more characteristics afterward.

Generally, I began to notice things that were remarkable with people approaching and interacting with me. My daughter mentioned it too. There was some shift and beauty in the way others were showing kindness and warmth. There were times that we would be given extra or an upgrade. These seemed the result of my practice and intentions.

I had an event in Cleveland Ohio over the summer. While there I attended a concert. On our way, before leaving town, my daughter and I stopped at a beach. That is when I encountered a man.

I felt so Zen and happy to be at the beach. I was surprised by his interest.

I had awareness that he was entering our orbit. I assumed that he was interested in my daughter. He thought we were sisters. Yes, I know that would be a decent ploy, but we hear this continually. I love it and let people believe this for as long as possible.

He had exactly those two things. He was incredibly attractive. He is a beautiful creature, tanned, muscular and fit. And he was from a different culture. He is originally from Australia. He has a beautiful accent.

But that seemed to be the end of the road as far as his detectable characteristics. He had around fifteen to twenty minutes to make an impression before he left. But I couldn’t glean much more from this interaction.

I talked about music, bands and concerts. He seemed blank. I pointed out buildings and places along the shoreline and asked what they were. He seemed to indicate that one was an apartment building and mentioned something about debauchery happening there. We talked about the professional sports stadiums in the city. He seemed to know nothing about the stadiums or the names of them. He…