Thank you for sharing this Kristi. I am happy for the positive experience you have. I would love to have time for further dialogue with you. There is so much I see that we could share. Unexpected turns and events have led me on a path of exploring spirituality differently than ever before. I am in a dark, difficult time after seemingly unbearable circumstances. I heard a really good interview with Michelle Clare. She was on Coast to Coast radio program on 6/10/21 And this was enough to allow me explore the possibility. I too am seeing experiences with birds and dreams. It is recently that I have moved more into embracing these further realms of spirituality. I haven't read it yet, but I know that James Finn on this platform wrote: "The Orioles Left When Dad Died" (I think that is it unless he wrote two). Have you seen it?

Your article moved me. I have so much emotion reading this.

Sending warmth and love your way. I hope you continue to experience comfort and peace.

I am finding my voice as I am navigating a journey of survival, strength and healing.