This is great Kristi! Bravo!!! My mind is spinning about how you could try to press for changes on different levels. Brilliant, creative thought! I love this so much. I can't have another dog until I move. I recently read on this platform that dogs need mental exercise. And I also saw a youtube video that a woman taught her dog to talk using word push buttons on a board. I realize now that my dog (now passed on) needed intellectual exercise. I neglected an entire part of his being.

I am excited about your proposal. Keep us posted on any progress. I think you should keep pushing this idea. This is important. It is also the best kind of community or it should be.

I heard Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper show) was "discovered" because of a floorplan/house design that someone found on her blog.

I would absolutely design a yard, house or room for my furry friends. There is a guy on youtube that built his yard and a really great room addition for his cats. Other cats are coming to move in with him. I like the people I see that genuinely love and value animals.

I am finding my voice as I am navigating a journey of survival, strength and healing.