WOW Zara, very powerful! Please continue to be alert. As I realized, there is no reason, logic or equation for estimating what a toxic, depraved person may or may not do when what he values is threatened. My daughter fought by my side the entire time. We are more fiercely bonded because of the fight to survive. We ended long term toxic abuse together. We are the first to break the chain of abuse and stand up to it in our ancestry for as far back as I can see. I would not have survived this without her. Thank you for sharing. I am so happy for your freedom. I am so proud of you and your girl team. I am so proud of the strength of the three of you. What a powerful view of the three of you being present, supporting, loving, caring, standing up to and ending the abuse together. That's what love is to me, seeing who is with me on the worst day and within the ugliest situation.

I am finding my voice as I am navigating a journey of survival, strength and healing.